Search Engines

Putting your business on the web will help to make it more visible to a public who is becoming more Internet aware. To ensure that the public will see your site you need to have it advertised. Unlike the advertisements in newspapers and television you can make your site known by submitting it to search engines.
A search engine is what people use to look up areas of interest on the Internet. The most popular search engines are Yahoo, MSN, Netscape, and Google. But just submitting your website to a search engine does not guarantee that you will be listed at the top of the results. Even though it is extremely difficult to gain a top placement there is something you can do to make sure you are placed as high as possible. To do this there are some simple guidelines to follow.


Know your target!

  • Pick the appropriate category in the engine.
    Make your page description as concise and objective as possible. It is not meant as an advertisement, but more of a services rendered statement.
  • Be aware of your competition and their keywords (meta tags*).*Meta tags are words that are in the background of a website that helps a search engine determine the subject material of a site and its suitability for what a person searches for!
  • Be unique and creative in your selection of keywords (meta tags). This will help to narrow down your target audience.

Now you can submit your site to one of the sites listed below!